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New product development is constant

The company exhibits its leadership in the industry's many organizations as well. DEI President and CEO Jim Minarik actively participates at the highest levels of the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). DEI also took a leadership position in the battle against "code grabbers," electronic devices used by criminals to intercept radio frequency (RF) digital codes. The company was instrumental in making the devices illegal in California, and in putting their manufacturer out of business. In addition, DEI employees have spent thousands of hours of their personal time, proctoring examinations for the Mobile Electronics Certification Program (MECP), an educational and training organization dedicated to raising the level of professionalism for the entire industry. DEI has been instrumental in the success of these organizations and endeavors. DEI truly is the leader of the industry.


Leading an Industry

Directed Electronics, Inc. (DEI) is the world's largest manufacturer of vehicle security systems, and an increasingly important producer of car audio equipment as well. Products shipped from the company's headquarters in California are sold throughout North America and around the globe. More important than DEI's size, however, is the company's widespread influence and leadership position in the mobile electronics industry. DEI is the market leader driving the automotive security field, with innovative new technologies and exciting new products. The company has by far the largest research and development (R & D) budget in the industry, spending millions a year. The results have been decisive in DEI's growth and success: DEI developed the first fully customized, integrated circuit-controlled vehicle security system.

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